This is my new home on the internet. I will share pictures of my art and craft work here. I love to make miniatures, I make them using clay and regular household items. I also do paper quilling, greeting cards, and more. Hope you all will like my work. Please do send in your comments.




About mousumipb

I am Mousumi Bhattacharya. I am at passionate about handcrafting beautiful products that i would like to use myself. I am a hobbyist handmade jewellery designer and maker. Paper and clay are my monads of choice. I craft paper into beautiful pendants,earrings and other lovely products. I mould clay into pendant ,earrings and various other decorative pieces. Most of these are quite durable and even waterproof. I also craft custom decorative products greeting cards,name plaques etc.

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  1. I loved your Miniature art work Mousumi, I wanted to know which colour you use to paint the clay art work and how u make that Hooka Miniature its the awesome art i ever seen

  2. Hey mousumi, you are talented crafter, I love your quilling works.

    Especially krishna and Radha series quilling are awesome.. Would check your blog often for new craft posts.

    • Hi Malini , thank you for loving my work .soon i will post some new art work .

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